Fantastic Frugalities!

Enjoy these ideas for living frugally. We all do it to some degree. Take inspiration here and share with us what you do to enjoy life within your means.

First up, something I love to do is make my Bath and Body Works foaming soaps last longer! This allows me to enjoy these wonderful soaps longer and cheaper!
First, I take a refill bottle of liquid hand soap, clear works best, and dilute it by 50% with water. The easiest way is to use an old refill bottle and pour half into it then slowly fill each to the top with water. (sporry no pictures) Gently mix them until you can no longer see the soap moving around.
Then take the Bath and Body works foaming hand soap and do the same thing. Pour half into another empty bottle (you can remove the label if the fragrances are different, but I usually don't worry about it).
Then fill both bottles with the diluted liquid soap and gently mix.

And, Voila! I actually like the diluted soap better because the fragrance of the full strength is too strong for me.

Let me know what you think.  And, I'd love to hear what you do to make living on a budget a little easier.


  1. Great idea! Should I use distilled water rather than tap water? I think that would prevent any bacterial from growing in the soap.

    1. I usually use tap water. I think the detergents in the soap would prevent bacteria. But, you certainly could use distilled, if you prefer.