Monday, July 13, 2015

Canvas Burlap and Lace Cross

Hello There! Don't look back at how long it's been since I posted last, please! I'm embarrassed to say it's been waaaaayyyyy too long. I have really let all of the business of family and work take over. Which isn't to say those are not important. They are priority. But the tedious process of writing posts was set aside mostly because I have felt totally intimidated by all of the amazing bloggers out there with the drive and talent to produce flawless projects, with the kind of beautiful photography and clever writing that puts mine to shame.

So swallowing a bit of pride, I am putting out there a couple of projects I have done recently. Special Thanks to Craftaholics Anonymous for putting on a swap that I was excited to join. The Handmade Gift Exchange paired up crafters (not necessarily bloggers) who wanted a chance to meet someone new and create for him/her. I met a sweet and creative beauty from Oregon who made me some adorable projects. 

Thank you Lesli, for sharing your talents with me. I loved everything!

I'd like to share with you the project I made for her. Lesli told me about me her newest interest, burlap and lace, and I knew exactly what I wanted to make. A couple of months ago, I spent a fun evening at my local Pinot's Palett. When I first looking into their classes, I had hoped to sign up for the class painting a decorative cross. Alas, when I finally got around to enrolling in a class, it was no longer available. Instead, we painted some really pretty purple flowers which I loved. Although, I realized the next day, I probably shouldn't have had the second glass of wine! But, I digress. I couldn't get the cross painting out of my mind. And knowing I couldn't paint one on my own (wine or no wine), I used it instead as inspiration for this project.

 The project was really very easy - which is embarrassing to admit, seeing the time Lesli devoted to my gifts! But here we go:

Canvas - 16 x 20 used here
Mod Podge - matte finish used here, but most types will work
Sponge brush
Staple gun
Piece of fabric cut large enough to wrap the canvas around to the back
2 Burlap strips - 4 in wide, one about 19 in long, one about 23 inches long
2 Lace strips - 2 in wide, same lengths as the burlap
Strings from cut burlap, narrow strips of burlap, or twine
Variety of accents (I used crochet flowers, piece of leftover lace, and scrap booking embellishments)

You can use burlap ribbon, if you like. I already had a couple of yards of burlap fabric from a past project, so I used that. I also like the rough edge it has, giving the cross a more rustic look. Plus, I was able to use some of the strings I removed when cutting it to secure the center of the cross.

Begin by cutting your fabric, burlap, and lace to the proper measurements.

Apply a thin coat of mod podge to the front of the canvas with a sponge brush. Carefully lay the fabric over the canvas evenly. Smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles. You can even turn the canvas over then smooth it from the back to be sure the entire canvas is free of bubbles and wrinkles.

Then, one edge at a time, apply mod podge to the canvas edge and back of the wood frame one side at a time. Wrap the fabric over the edge, and secure with two or three upholstery staples on the back of the wood frame. The staples here are optional, mod podge should hold it. After all sides are finished, neatly wrap the corners over. These should be stapled since there are multiple fabric layers.

Now, assemble the cross. Lay corresponding lace strips centered on the burlap strips. Using long strings from the burlap fabric (or you can use narrow strips of burlap, or twine), tie the center of the shorter strip tightly to cinch it. Repeat a few inches above the center of the longer strip. Cross the strips, meeting the cinched points, with the shorter strip on top. Use additional strings (or other) to tie the pieces together (laying the string under both pieces, each on a diagonal, and tying them around the front.

To attach the cross to the canvas, lay it where you want it placed on top of the canvas, then carefully turn the entire piece over. Pull the burlap and lace ends over the back of the canvas. Apply a small amount of mod podge to the canvas where each burlap end meets the wood frame, and a small amount between the burlap and lace. Press the burlap and lace to the frame and apply 2 staples through both layers. Repeat for remaining three ends. Take your time to center the ends and turn the canvas over to check the front. Once everything is secured, trim any excess.

Turn the piece to the front. Use E6000 to apply your embellishments. Trim the strings used to tie the cross together to the length desired. Allow to dry for 24 to 48 hours. Here is a close-up of the center to better show the embellishments I used. You could use so many things, vintage brooch, other fabric pieces, bows, buttons. 

I may be making another Canvas Cross for my mantle. If I have time, I will add some pictures to this post.

If you make your own Canvas Burlap and Lace Cross, I would love to see your photos. Email them to me, and I can add you to the "Look What You Did" page!

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