Hi, and welcome to Created in AWE. The vision for this blog is to show you not only crafts and projects I set out to try, but a little bit of our life, too. When my kids were very young (they are now 8, 12, and 14), and I was staying at home, I needed a creative outlet. Badly! Now, don't get me wrong, I loved staying at home with them. I wouldn't have wanted to hand them over to someone else to care for while I went to work, not for anything! So, my husband and I sacrificed wherever we needed to make that happen. Which meant I didn't get manicures or pedicures, or massages, or shopping with the girls, or lunches out, or anything else related to "me time" out of the house. Well, I guess you could count dental or doctor visits where my Mom babysat (thank you Mom!). I also ventured out a bit to grow a cosmetic business, but that just wasn't me.
So, crafting, more specifically crochet, during the kids' nap-time became my "me time." I would prop up my feet, grab my yarn and hook, and crochet away that precious hour (or more, if I could make it stretch). Now my husband knows why the house was never clean, and dinner was usually late (or not ready at all if I forgot to put something out to thaw). I think many of you can relate when I say, I reeeaaaallly needed that time.
And, I ended up with way too many baby hats, blankets, ponchos, purses, etc. than we could have possibly put to use. I attempted to sell my creations at a couple of craft fairs. The name I chose? Created in AWE - AWE being the first initials of my children. This expressed not only that my creations came into being because of them, but also that I am in AWE of my creator and whatever talent he has given me.
I didn't have the drive to mass produce my crafts and travel to and pay entry for craft shows to sell them, so the retail version of my vision died. I still make things, although fewer now that I am a working mom. And, the things I make are usually for gifts or donated to charities.
My newest passion is to try new crafts, and to create and put my own twist on some of the cool projects out there in blogs and websites devoted to crafting. And, you get to see that happen. I want to share them with you and get your feedback. Please, let me know if something I have done is lame, or not blog-worthy. And, if you feel so inspired, let me know if you like something. I would also love to hear about what you are doing. Got a project you want to try, but need some advice? Or something you made that you'd like to share? Or, a review of a new product? Email me, and I'd love to include it. We will showcase your talent, help you find answers, and get the word out on cool new stuff you find.
Let's do this together as we Create in AWE!


  1. Hi, Joey,

    I wanted to see if you might be interested in participating in a little series I'm putting together called "New Kids on the Blog". Basically, it'll be a series of guest posts from bloggers like yourself who are just starting out, and it'll hopefully be a way to introduce you to the bigger blogging community and send some new followers and friends your way. What I would need is a new post that I could run sometime between September 8-16th. I'd need it from you by no later than Septmeber 4th. Email me and let me know what you think. dancers4life{at}gmail{dot}com.
    Amy from One Artsy Mama

  2. :) Hi! I am Rebecca and I am excited to be your newest follower!:)
    I am excited to follow along and see your newest creations!
    :) Rebecca