Tuesday, June 26, 2012

1st Sewing Project

So, this post is an example of the typical life of the middle child. I wasn't the middle child, but I'm sure this is what my sister experienced. If anyone out there can help me make my middle child's life not so middle-like, please let me know!
Last Christmas, she really wanted a sewing machine. A real one. Not just a child-size plastic one. I didn't want her to get the plastic one, knowing it would be a disappointment. But I disappointed her anyway, and convinced her that she should learn how to sew first and see if it's something she wants badly enough to use her whole Christmas wish list on. She reluctantly understood.
So, as a compromise, she got a gift card to Hobby Lobby and a promise from me to help her with her first sewing project. And now, 6 months later, here it is. That's the middle-child issue. It took me 6 months to finally sit down with her and do this. Sorry, sweetie.
She chose to make a tote bag from these bold prints in duck cloth. Not an easy fabric, but it will be durable. We looked at several free idea sheets, and settled on a rectangular shape with 2 handles and a tie around the body, through belt loops. Nothing too advanced, but cute.
I'm so proud of her. And of my self. I held myself back and let her do the sewing herself! Well, 90% of it. Just wanted to keep her from too much grief on the most challenging parts.
Gotta say, she did and awesome job, despite my inherent need to take control!

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