Thursday, June 14, 2012

Father's Day Gift Idea

                             Fiskars' Cozy                        My Koozie

So, I found this idea on Pinterest to make a koozie for my husband for Father's Day out of outgrown jeans.  So cute!  And so easy!  Or so I thought.  Well, it would probably be pretty easy for anyone with a good amount of sewing experience - Not Me!  But, I tried.  So, my inspiration came from Fiskars' Dad's Drink Cozy.
I'm not sure why mine was so hard, except I know this:
  1. I don't have the fancy Fiskars tools.
  2. I think the jeans I used were a larger size.
  3. I tried to use the front panel instead of measuring from the zipper around to the back.
  4. And, probably most important, I set out to do it different from the instructions, and it didn't work!
So, here is my story, just to show you why it would be better to follow Fiskers' model.
I started with a beer bottle (cause my husband rarely drinks cans of pop, mostly a glass of tea or a bottle of beer), and the jeans.
I cut the jeans so I could center the zipper and thought I'd just fold the extra on the bottom under the bottle and tack it down.
Pinned up the back and sewed it.
Then realized it wouldn't work to fold the bottom under and sew.  So, I cut the circle the pattern described.
Pinned it to the right side of the outer piece.
And, sewed it.  Only to realize it was way too tall.  Nearly came up to the rim.  Why?  Because I forgot to trim the outer piece down when I decided not to fold under the bottom edge. 

At this point, I should have ripped out the seam, shortened the outer piece, re-cut the circle, and then sewn it again.  No, I tried to skip ripping out the seam, and proceeded to struggle through sewing it with all of the extra fabric.  DON'T DO THAT!
So, here is the finished koozie.  Notice the "ring" of fabric that was trimmed away after I finally finished sewing.  By the way, I couldn't have done it without the handy little clippers in the picture.  Which, I have a feeling Fiskars makes, too.
I tucked a cute little bottle opener in the pocket.  Sure hope he enjoys it, for like FOREVER!  :)


  1. I am planning on making this as a wedding favor for my sister-in-laws wedding this June! I have been making bracelets for the "girls" but had no idea what to do for the "guys." Thank you for the great idea! Will experiment with grownup jeans (have many) but have a few littler ones on hand if I need them. Thanks again! Have to go warm up sewing machine LOL

  2. I'm glad you like it. It would be cute with larger jeans, too. Maybe use the back pocket area instead.