Monday, June 11, 2012

My favorite baby blanket

So, I think it appropriate to have the first project posted be crochet. I came across the pattern for this blanket about 8 years ago and since then have made several versions. This baby blanket was first given to my son as a gift by one of my dear friends, Kristy Werner. My college roommate and one of my biggest supporters, she lives about 80 miles away with her beautiful family. Interestingly, she has made several versions of this blanket since then, also. I was thrilled when I visited her at her craft fair booth a few years ago where she proudly displayed some along with her homemade candles. Thank you, Kristy, for this inspiration. Take a look at Kristy's blog about her life on the farm.

What I love about it is how absolutely easy it is. Once you get through a few rows, you can lose the pattern and enjoy. Plus, there are so many colorways you can come up with. Here are a few I have done.

The purple stripes is finished.  The pink and brown stripes needs the ends weaved in (my LEAST favorite part of any project) which I have so cleverly hidden, and a start of green and yellow stripes that may or may not get finished.  That depends on whether I can finish all of the other projects I have in mind!  These are available if you need a cute baby gift.

Some versions that I no longer have to take pictures of are shades of blue and shades of pink. I also like to make it using the colors chosen by the mom-to-be.  The pattern is available from Leisure Arts in the Beginners Guide, Ripples For Baby pamphlet. I would love to give you the pattern here, but alas it's not mine to give. Share with us what colors you might try. Keep in mind the color pattern is A B C B, repeat, ending with A. And, I tend to make mine a little bigger than the pattern so it can be used into toddler hood (although my 8 year old still enjoyed his).

Coming soon, my next project. 
What do you think this will be?

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