Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pattern for T-shirt Dress Trim

Thought I'd share the pattern for the pineapple motif trim on my t-shirt dress in the last post.  I found this pattern from  I loved the look of the motif in the sweater shown.  The pattern simply came from a book displayed on the site.  


I used the first 10 rows of the pattern.  And, for the halter strap, I used the first three rows followed by a row of single crochet.  This trim would add a touch of romance to a pillow, or other accessory.  I'm not sure what yarn or hook the original pattern called for.  I used Aunt Lydia'a Crochet Thread #10 and a C2/2.75mm hook.


  1. Wow! What talent you have for altering patterns for what you need! It's beautiful!