Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Patriotic Wreath

 I'm loving how this wreath came out. A very bright and cheerful display for the 4th of July. It was very simple, but time consuming. Well, I'm sure that's relative. I was very anxious to get it finished quickly being so close to the holiday. This project took, probably, 4 hours total.

Supplies I chose were 3 skeins of yarn, in White, Lipstick, and Bright Blue, in I Love This Yarn, Sport Weight from Hobby Lobby. Why this yarn? It was the cheapest! I am very happy with the result, but because it is a thinner yarn, it took longer. However, it ended up with a very neat and clean finish to it. I also chose a 14" green floral wreath and 1 piece of white felt. Scissors, a black sharpie, paper scrap, scrap of ribbon, measuring tape, and tacky glue are not shown.

Begin by measuring the circumference of the wreath. This one is 44". Measure one section to be 1/4 of the total wreaths and mark it. This is the blue section. I chose my remaining, stripes, section to be split into 3" stripes giving me 11 stripes. Measure each strip along the outside edge and mark each stripe.

At the end of the stripe place a dot of glue on the back and cut the yarn about 3/4" past the dot of glue and tuck the end under the last pass or 2.
Take the white, also tucking the the end under the last passes, lay it through the glue, and repeat as with the red. 

And finally, end with the blue in the last section as with the stripes.

Create a pattern for the stars with scrap paper. Mine have a little character, mostly because I couldn't cut out a perfect star if my life depended on it!  
Then use your pattern to cut stars out of the felt. My stars were about 1" and allowed for 7 to be placed on the wreath. Space them out as you choose and glue in place.

 Measure a piece of ribbon for hanging the wreath.

Tip: take the ends of the ribbon and run them carefully against a candle flame to seal them from fraying.  This pic shows how close to get the ribbon to the flame.  any closer and it will turn black.

Tie a small knot and glue the knot against the back of the wreath at the top edge of the blue section and first stripe.

Then hang it!

Have fun making yours and be sure to let me know how it turns out.
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Have a Wonderful 4th of July everyone!