Saturday, October 20, 2012

This Purse was not such a Cinch after all!

The plan today was to make a Cinch-Top Purse in-between my daughter's softball games. But that didn't quite work out. Actually, I got it done, but not quite how I wanted to. Here's the story. I had myself all set up for it, after only 3 trips to the store!  First trip, I picked out the fabric, cord and part of the hardware. Next trip, I bought more cord because I lost the first one somewhere on my kitchen counter (which reminds me I should do an organizing project for you, well maybe someday), and also found the rest of the pieces I needed in the purse hardware section at Joann - who knew it has it's own section?  Then, I sat down to make this purse and found out I needed thread. How can you run out of black . . . really?!  So after the final trip, two days later, I was ready to make it. And here it is!

Now, it may look fine and dandy here, but it's really not so great. Good thing I don't design for a living, I'd be broke. A tutorial on this might be coming in the future if I get it all figured out. I totally chose the wrong fabric for the bottom of the purse. I picked out black gabardine. Way too . . . wimpy? The wrinkle release fabric for the top trim and strap work well. And, I put A LOT of time into making that strap! So I'm thinking I'll try to remove it and reuse it on a different bottom.  That is, if tearing out the stitching doesn't make me want to tear my hair out. Also, on my next round, I'll need to pay more attention when putting the bottom together. This time, I apparently turned the lining wrong-side-out and didn't know until it was finished. Now I have hidden pockets, soooo hidden, I can't use them!

Well, I had to share this with you. Sometimes you try and fail, and that's ok. It's what you make of it that counts. I might use the gabardine to make a small phone holder or cosmetic bag, hmmm . . .

Anyone have a craft fail to share with us? Please do, it will make me feel better!

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