Saturday, January 19, 2013

I Want To Journal!

I really do. Ever since I bought my daughters Smash Books last year, I have thought about it. What's funny, is that these journals were created and marketed toward their generation, but I was the one to find them and found myself more excited about all of it than they were. I'd ask them periodically if they had been "smashing" and I'd usually hear "no." Then, we would be leaving an event, and say "You should keep that ticket (or that napkin, or that wrapper) for your Smash book. They seemed excited, and then I find the items laying around the house a few days later. I have to remind myself, "who was it that started all of this, not them!"

So, I've decided to stop living through them. I'm making my own. Not a Smash book, but my own type of journal. I can't limit it to just memories, or travel, or dreams, or prayers, or ideas (shall I go on? - nah, I won't bore you). A journal รก al carte, so to speak. I want this to be for anything, truly random. And, this is also my way of getting around the New Year's resolution thing. I definitely set goals each year, but never keep track of them. so this is how I can keep track of my scatter-brained ideas and thoughts. Because, I hate more than anything else, that I forget . . . everything. Some people say they have a lapse here and there, heck, I can't remember a time when I didn't forget things (wait . . . was that a double negative?) Anyway. My husband really worries about me at times, and other time he just laughs.

So, I'm hoping this journal will be my way of keeping some of my thoughts from fleeting. And to inspire more of . . . anything! I want to fill this with ideas, memories, pictures, dreams, prayers, anything I want to hold onto. I'm getting more excited by the minute. And, thanks to my lovely class, I have a pocketful of birthday money to spend on making it, and making some of those dreams come true.

So, I'm off to shop and create - and I will report back with my results. Wish me luck!

Oh, and tell us whether or not you journal and what about, I can use more ideas!

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