Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My 1st Attempt at Washi Tape

Not so great. That's my first impression of washi tape, but it might just be me - or the fact that it's designed to stick best to paper, not wood :/   I have seen A LOT of washi tape projects recently, and I really liked a project I recently pinned, a Washi Tape Wall Art project from Living Locurto.  Using large wooden letters (I found some I liked at Hobby Lobby for about $3.50 - before coupon) they created a diagonal stripe design with 3 different washi tapes. I know you will say I'm stingy (I prefer frugal), but I didn't want to buy 3 rolls of tape. I found some 2-packs at Michaels (I think it was $3 for the pack), and thought I'd add a narrow ribbon for a bit of texture and contrast.

As they did, I began placing the tape pieces on the letter, but left a narrow space between each for the ribbon. First problem; The tape did not stick well at the ends, as it wrapped around the sides and back. I hoped finishing with mod podge would fix that, but the ends were finicky and needed a lot of coaxing.  I also planned to use the mod podge as a way to hold the ribbon onto the letter between the tape strips. My next problem; The mod podge puddled on the washi tape. Grrrr. I made sure to allow it to dry after placing the ribbon, then do a second coat in the opposite direction hoping to disguise and obvious puddles. That did look a bit better.

Now for problem number 3, which is my own fault. The ribbon, being so narrow, was a little too stiff to be held down in the back solely with mod podge. So, I needed to secure it with tape while the mod podge set up - all the way around . . . including around the inside holes! Way too tedious! I do not recommend using this type of ribbon.

These only show the finished back. But, imagine trying to tape all of those ribbon ends while the acted like they had wires in them that made them keep popping up!

I do like the finished piece, but take these recommendations to heart: Instead of mod podge, use something like a tacky glue on the ends as they wrap around the letter, it should give you better hold. Also, do not use a narrow ribbon, possibly a wider ribbon or just the tape.

So, let us know if you have tried washi tape - and what is your favorite way to use it? And, if you tried this project, how did it work for you? Hopefully better than for me :)


  1. I love it! What a great way to use Washi tape.


  2. I like it very much, it is really attractive, worth the try!!!Well done!