Friday, April 19, 2013

Simple Crochet Statement Necklaces

I am excited to share these necklace patterns, but also my trick for changing out the chain. I love the past necklace I made, but I thought it would be a little tedious making a new chain for each one. So, why not make these projects interchangeable?

First up, the statement pieces. I first saw this one on I love this site. Hoping to get my pieces featured there soon.  This pattern was created by The Little Treasures. She used flat wooden rings for the loops. I had some really inexpensive plastic rings 3/8" and 3/4". I think they might have been stitch markers, but I can't remember.

As in the pattern, I simply single crocheted around each ring with embroidery floss and slip stitched to finish, weaving in the ends. Here, I used lavender, purple, and beige. After laying out the rings to create the design, I sewed them together on the back, being sure the thread did not show through. Then, I sewed hooks from hook & eye closures found in the sewing department, to the ends of the crocheted piece where I wanted the necklace to attach. I should have sewed them a little further in on the back to help hide them, but hopefully you can do better.

The second piece is simply 3 double stitch crochet chains braided together. I began with #8 crochet thread. Chain 52. Do not turn. Instead, double crochet into the loop on the underside of the chain, beginning with the second loop from the hook. This allows both the top and bottom of the finished chain to look the same. Weave in the ends. Once all three chains are finished, tie the beginning end of all three together with the crochet thread.

Gently braid the chains keeping them all flat instead of folding them over each other as you braid. I used a crochet hook held between my knees to keep it stable while I braided. Tie the finished ends together as the beginning and weave in the ends. You will want to pull gently on the braided chains on one side to make the piece curve. If not, it will not lay flat against the neck. Sew a hook (as before) to the back of each end and hook to the necklace chain.

For the chain, I created a necklace using Vintaj chain and clasp from Hobby Lobby. Then added large jump rings to the end. You could also use a chain from a necklace you don't wear. Find the center and remove a link. Add jump rings, and voila!

These are so simple. I hope you enjoy wearing them. If you make them, share pictures with us. I would love to see your color combinations.


  1. Beautiful pieces & a fantastic idea to make the chain interchangeable! Well done :) xxx

    1. Thanks, Claire. I hope to have more options in the future.

  2. My favorite is the one with the circles, very good technique, purple is my favorite color, total color selection easy on the eye :)

  3. I love the circles! Great idea.

  4. Wow this looks beautiful! SO creative! :) I just found your blog and am so thrilled that I have! :) Excited to be your newest follower!
    :) Rebecca