Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Burlap Summer Wreath

One last Summer post, I promise!

Hold onto Summer a little longer with this adorable Burlap Wreath. And, you don't even need a fancy wreath frame to make it, thanks to Saved By Love Creations.

I used Johnnie's tutorial to make my old wire hanger into the perfect wreath. This was such a money saver, which you know I love!

Wire hanger
Roll of burlap ribbon
Ribbon of your choice
Wire ties
Heavy-duty wire cutters
Hot glue (if you front door gets a lot of heat, use E6000 instead)

Because the only supplies I had to buy for this were the burlap ribbon and one of the white ribbons, this project only cost me a whopping $4.80! So make use of what you've got and make this cheap and easy Summer tribute.

First, the flower decorations. Follow my tutorial for these Hemp Chord Flowers. Or, use a few silk flowers, if you like.

Next, use Johnnie's tutorial to shape the wire hanger, and use the pliers to form a hook at one end. I had planned to feed the burlap onto the wreath as she did, but decided I wanted it to be gathered on the inside instead of through the middle. So, for this look, insert the wire only about 1 inch from one edge of the burlap instead of in the middle of it. I also found it easier to feed each layer separately because the strands in the burlap kept catching on the wire when I fed multiple layers at a time as she did.

Once all the burlap was on the wreath, space it out as you like and cut off the excess wire with heavy-duty wire cutters, Again, use the pliers to make a hook at the finished end. Then connect the ends by the hooks and use the pliers to close the loops. Space out the burlap as you like and shape the wire as needed.

Trace the inside circle of the wreath onto the cardboard and cut out the circle. Cut about 2 inches away from  this circle around to form a ring. Hot glue this to the back of the burlap wreath. This keeps the burlap from falling forward.

Next, to cover up the wire from the front, hot glue your chosen ribbon to the front of the wreath over where the wire has been inserted.

Use the wire ties (remove paper if needed), to attach your decorations to your wreath. Simply feed the wire through the back of the twine flowers and twist. Then feed the twisted end into the burlap.

Finally, tie another ribbon at the top to mount the wreath.

That's it! I can't wait to change mine out for Fall, and Christmas, and . . . well, you get the idea.

How will you decorate your Burlap Wreath?

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  1. Hi Joey, I'm so happy to be following your blog as of today. Love your awesome wreaths...I'm always looking for different ideas as I love making wreaths.. Your cord flowers are kewl!!! Blessings dear. come visit my blog when you have time,