Friday, December 6, 2013

Baby Blankets Available

I've been away for a while, if you didn't notice ;)  I have been a little burned out on creating tutorials and writing posts. It is so time-consuming for me. Maybe one day I will learn a faster and better way. Until then, posts will be a little more brief. Bear with me.

I have also been busy with my new obsession; Crochet-trimmed Baby Blankets. Inspiration came from Rose Hip. Beata is an amazing designer with a soft spot for vintage things and designs, another new obsession of mine. I intended to try to recreate the crochet trimmed pillowcases she makes from vintage and vintage-esque fabrics. But, before I could start, I decided to try a blanket like I saw on her site. Now, I could go out and buy the book that features her pattern, but that would be too easy. No, instead, I have to come up with my own pattern. Now, that might come off sounding like I'm too good to use her pattern. On the contrary, I would love to use her pattern. I'm just too cheap frugal, to buy a pattern. So, let me say clearly, I did not use Rose Hip's pattern, and I encourage you to purchase the book where it has been published. What I have done here is a completely amature attempt to create the same look.

So, after all of that, it turns out,  I purchased supplies to make 8 of them to sell, another of my hair-brained ideas. Not that I know anyone needing to buy baby blankets, I just wanted a reason to make them.

Here's a peak:

So, check out my Facebook page here, or click the link to the right to see what I have. I'd love to hear what you think.

If you like, I will work on posting the patterns.


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