Thursday, August 28, 2014


I just found out this little blog has reached exactly 90,000 views.  That's really not much in the blogging world. But I appreciate it. I especially appreciate those of you who continue to follow even though I've been on and extremely long hiatus.  I am really bogged down with my own crochet projects, being back-to-school/work, and just life in general.  I have a few things on the back-burner I'd love to complete for you. Let's all hope I can get some time and some motivation soon. Still struggling with the amount of time it takes to prepare posts. But, enough complaining. Let's get back to creating!

Thank you!!!!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Progress as Promised

I mentioned in my last post I have been making baby blankets hoping to sell them. Amazingly, I have made some sales!!! It's so exciting. A little shop in my area has agreed to consign my items to help me determine the interest level in them. So far I have had them display a couple of crocheted baby afghans and some fleece and flannel crochet-trimmed baby blankets. Well, three have sold!

I have become a baby blanket making fool lately. My family will attest to that. I can't stop! Every time I find a good sale or coupon for JoAnn, I am picking out more flannel. I spend quite a bit of time choosing the fabric because, my taste leans toward the old-fashioned or retro style. Which, worries me a bit. I know how popular the cutsey and trendy prints are these days. So, I am crossing my fingers that these will be appealing. 

And, my newest venture in this arena is crochet-trimmed tea towels. Another one influenced by vintage treasures. I love to admire the linens and clothing of past eras, especially of the pioneer days. I had a chance to go with my son's class to a one-room schoolhouse, where they lived a day in the life of a pioneer child. It was so much fun!

You can find a gallery of everything on my facebook page,

Here is a glimpse of what you will find as of today.

I'd love to hear what you think!