Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Apothecary Jars - Upcycled

I fell in love with the idea of making Apothecary Jars a couple of moths ago when I pinned the idea from Parties for Pennies. This site specified spaghetti jars, but mine all had the brand name in the glass - or I would have been able to make a TON of these. I ended up using salsa jars and pickle jars, which took a little longer to empty. In fact, the last one was emptied into another container so I could get these done in time for Christmas. i filled them with my homemade candy. You can see how it's made here, Cindy's Christmas Candy.  But, what's great is these can be made for any occasion, or none at all!

Empty clean jars with all labels removed
Spray paint (silver)
Wooden knobs (drawer pulls)
Printed labels
Scrapbook paper
Hot glue

After cleaning your jars and removing all labels, spray paint the lids and wooden knobs. The knobs I found were from Hobby Lobby - called "drawer pulls." A trick for painting the knobs is using a skewer to hold it. I could spray the entire surface at once. It dried quickly, so I just held it until dry.

Next, glue the wooden knobs to the center of the lids with E6000.

The labels were printed from Just Something I Made. They did not have a version with text fields, or I could have saved everyone from my hideous handwriting. I printed them on standard paper, cut them out and glued them on larger circles cut from scrapbook paper.

The ribbon was measured for each jar and cut. It was hot glued where the ends met on the front of the jar and once on the back. The label was hot glued onto the front of the jar over where the ribbon ends met. I chose to hot glue so it could all be removed easily.

And, voila! I will be making some for my own kitchen, as soon as we empty some more salsa and pickle jars!
This project has been linked up to these AWEsome parties: The 36th Avenue, and One Artsy Mama.


  1. I love these. Thanks for the tip about the lids. Pinning this :)
    Dropping by from Shine on Fridays. I haven't linked up yet this week, but I like to look through the links anyway :)

    Roxana @ fourelevenrox

  2. Very cute idea! Please share your projects at each and every week and check out what other craft divas are up to.

  3. Love this! Pinning now!
    Marty@Marty's Musings