Friday, June 21, 2013

Spring Crochet Tree

Here is the second installment of projects for my Spring Mantle. So appropriate on this first day of Summer, don't you think? You might have figured out, I am quite the procrastinator. But, at least I am getting these posts done. You have no idea how many projects I completed, but never posted because they were passed the season. Looks like I have my New Year's Resolution for next Year - how's that for planning ahead!

I had a lot of fun making this little tree. I found the original at The Crochet Crowd. The original design was for a Fall tree, but then was re-created for an elaborate Spring tree. This one is far simpler. I wanted to feature the crocodile stitch used instead of the added ornaments. One tip: because the styrofoam cone used here (I actually reused the one from my A Touch of Vintage Mantle), is white, I first covered it with a piece of scrap fabric of the same color. This kept the white from showing through between stitches and made it easy to remove the crochet piece. I chose a bright green color yarn for Spring, but I think this one can be altered for Christmas, as well. And, I think it would be beautiful in white with snow decorations. Or pink or red for Valentine's Day. Oh, what about red, white, and blue? So many possibilities.

Now, my daughter thought it looked a bit goofy and outdated. I admit it falls into the more traditional category of crochet crafts - reminding me a bit of those crochet dolls made to cover air-fresheners. Anyone else remember those?

So, be gentle - but I'd love your comments. What do you think - is it something you would make - or use for decoration?

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