Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Spring Mantle Reveal

Well, here it is, finally! The Spring Mantle is complete! Well, almost. I can't help but continue to adjust and make changes, so it already looks different. And, it will be changed again, since I am putting my Patriotic Wreath back on the front door, I will move what's there to here and switch it up a bit more. Anyone else do that? Is it to keep things fresh, or because you want to display everything and you continue to get or make new things? I'm guilty of the later, for sure.

Sorry for the blurry pictures. In a bit of a rush to take them before guests arrived for a birthday party :)

So, to re-cap, I shared three new projects with you for Spring (I know, it's Summer, now - don't judge!). 

The Crochet Hoop Art was a fun little project. I loved creating the trim pattern. I'm sure I will use it on future projects, maybe some pillowcases?

This little Spring Crochet Tree will surely show up again in the future. Removing the daisies opens it up for a lot of possibilities. The crocodile stitch was really addictive once I got the hang of it. And, the tutorial I found was such a big help.

The final project, the Spring Yarn Wreath, so the most fun. The ombré yarn made such a cool pattern. And, the pink flower added just the right punch, but can so easily be changed.

The added touches were mostly things I had around the house or were given. The green bird - a cute ceramic watering can - was a gift from a student, as was the potted ivy. The dragonfly tea light holder was another gift. The "SPRING" blocks were a sale purchase from Hobby Lobby. The cross, tea cup and saucer, lantern, and pillow were mine from the past. The ivy vine trimming the windows and the bird houses is also from Hobby Lobby. And, the bird houses were from Michael's, finished with a bit of craft paint for a bright touch. Oh, and the "B" you've seen in my post My 1st Attempt at Washi Tape. The rest you've seen before in my Touch of Vintage Mantle.

Share with us your favorite part of this mantle. I'd love to hear from you!

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