Monday, June 24, 2013

Spring Yarn Wreath

This Spring Wreath was a last minute addition to my Spring Mantle, but it turned out to be my favorite part. Even made a few adjustments so it would the the focal point.  Although, since then, I put it on the front door to show it off more.

This project follows the same instructions as the Patriotic Wreath from July 2012. Although, my materials are different.

Yarn Bee brand yarn in Breeze
Round styrofoam Wreath
Yarn needle

Simple list for a simple craft. Begin by holding the end of the yarn at the back of the wreath with a tail. Wrap the yarn over the front and through the hole around the back and over the top again. Repeat. Be sure to wrap over the tail end. 

As you wrap, overlap the last round of yarn on the underside of the wreath (toward the center) for every other or every third round. Do this by laying the yarn over the last wrapped strand and hold it as you make the next wrap around, laying the next strand against the one previous to what you are holding. Release the strand and it will lay on top of the two. This allows the yarn on the outer part of the wreath to cover the surface fully while the yarn on the underside must be made more "condensed." Repeat around. 

Note: the yarn used in this project is ombré, and you will need to adjust your pattern of overlaps as needed. Try to overlap strands of matching color in case they slip over the other side as you can see in the following picture.

At the end, check to make sure all of the surface of the wreath is covered. Finish where the last wrap matches or coordinates with the first wrap.

Hold tight (or temporarily tape the end while you cut it and thread the needle) and use a large eye yarn needle to sew the end into the back of the wreath under the last rounds. 

Attach flower. This one came with a pin backing and alligator clip attached.

To mount, this wreath needed two loops attached to the back, one on each side, which were used to hang it on two thumb tacks on the window. Use small pieces of the yarn and sew each under several strands on the back of the wreath then tie the ends together to make a loop. To place on my front door, I tied a ribbon to it at the top and hung it from that.

Hang your creation, and enjoy! I'd love to see yours. Share them with us here. 

You've now seen all three projects from my Spring Mantle. 

Next up, I'll share the final reveal, so stay tuned . . .

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  1. love this wreath! :) so pretty! just pinned, stumbled, hometalked & tweeted! Awesome!